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1970 Czechoslovakia 20 Korun

The note was first put into circulation in 1970 in Czechoslovakia in the heart of Europe.

Today there is no su...
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The Libyan Dinar

The libyan dinar is the currency of Libya.

Its ISO 4217 code is "LYD". The dinar is subdivided into 1000 dirhams...
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National Gold Bank Notes

National Gold Bank Notes were banknotes that were redeemable for gold in the 1870s. National gold bank notes came in $5, $10,...
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Modern Drachma

Second Modern Drachma

In November 1944, after Greece was liberated from Germany, old drachmae were exchanged for n...
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1944 Algeria 50 Francs

This note was issued in 1944 and was painted by 2 famous painters:

One was Léon Georges Jean-Baptiste Carré (G...
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Australia 10 Pounds 1954

Australia is a land of immigrants, aside from the Aboriginal people that settled what we now know as Australia approximately ...
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1777 One Guinea

This one guinea banknote was issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland on 1 September 1777. This note is of considerable importanc...
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Paraguay 50.000 Guaranies, Series C

Issuing Authority: Banco Central del Paraguay

This note of the series C, which was printed in 2005 ...
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French Livre

The livre was the currency of France until 1795. Several different livres existed, some concurrently. The livre was the na...
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